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ART: Screening of the Film – “Ofelia non annega” di Francesca Fini

Screening of the FilmOphelia did not drown

Written and directed by Francesca Fini, “Ophelia did not drown” is a 90 minutes’ performance art film produced in collaboration with Istituto Luce Cinecittà. The movie integrates heterogeneous languages seemingly incompatible: the sociological national repertoire and original performance art specifically designed for this project. At the center, the movie is an Ophelia who is different from any literary tradition: not the fragile teenager in love with Hamlet, but many women of different colors, features and ages. A modern contemporary Ophelia, very sweet but also cynical. Our Ophelia is not lost in the woods of Denmark, but in the countryside of Lazio, from the Gazometro to the junkyard in Cisterna di Latina, from the arid limestone caves of Riano Flaminio to the wonderful futuristic Villa Perugini in Fregene, passing through another thrilling scenic ride on a tourist bus in Rome. Our Ophelia eventually does not drown, renouncing her destiny of romantic heroine to become a “normal person”. 

Post the film screen there will be a Break for Tea (19,15-19,45) before commencing the live performance ‘BLIND‘ by Francesca Fini

Free Entry upon presentation of a valid photo ID.

Francesca Fini is an interdisciplinary artist mainly focused on new media, experimental cinema and performance art. She lives and works in Rome. The focus of her work is always the body and its own narrative power, but inserted in a sort of exuberant “multimedia pot” where live videoart pieces are mixed with generative audio, lo-fi technologies and homemade interaction design devices, with handicraft masks, bizarre costumes and feminist steam-punk props popping out everywhere.


  • Organizzato da: Istituto Italiano di Cultura, New Delhi
  • In collaborazione con: Bikaner House, Culture Monks