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Italy through the eyes of Italian female directors 2

3rd March 6:00pm|IL PRIMO INCARICO (The first assignment) (Italian/90mins/2010) Dir. Giorgia Cecere. Italy, 1953. Nena, a teacher from South Italy, has got a job away from home and for a while will be separated from her mother and sister, but, above all, from Francesco, a young upper middle class lad she is in love with. A little sad, but also curious about that which awaits her, Nena arrives at the destination where she discovers that things are worse than what she had imagined: the school is located in the middle of nowhere, on a plateau in the middle of a hostile environment, the children are difficult to manage, and she has nothing in common with the locals. However, Nena is proud and stubborn and decides not to be defeated by adversity.

23rd March 7:30pm|CORPO CELESTE (Heavenly Body) (Italian/100mins/2011) Dir. Alice Rohrwacher. Marta, 13, has returned to live in Reggio Calabria, the city where she was born, after having spent ten years with her family in Switzerland. Immediately confronted with an unknown world divided between the anxiety of modern consumerism and the archaic living, she begins to attend a course of preparation for Confirmation, looking for answers to her restlessness in the Parish. Destiny makes her meets Don Mario, busy and distant priest who administers the church as a small company, and catechist Santa, a funny lady that will drive the children to the Confirmation. But she will soon understand that she should look elsewhere for her destiny is not here.

31st March 6:00pm|LO SPAZIO BIANCO (White Space) (Italian/96mins/2009) Dir. Francesca Comencini. Maria is more than forty years, but does not look her age. She teaches in a night school and is a free and dynamic woman. She lives with the arrogance of having surpassed her separation, inclined towards books that have allowed her to establish her certainties between a strictly communist father and a Catholic mother. In the sixth month of pregnancy Maria gives birth to a daughter, who, according to the doctor could die now, or survive with severe disabilities. Maria is faced with the need to bridge the gap between the canonical time of the pregnancy and the birth of her daughter. Maria discovers that what she lacks is patience. She, in an attempt to help herself, starts reading books, a strategy she knows well and that has always allowed her to isolate herself from the rest of the world. But this time it is the reading that threatens to undermine her confidence, her identity.

31st March 7:45pm|COSMONAUTA (Cosmonaut) (Italian/85mins/2009) Dir. Susanna Nicchiarelli. Luciana is 15 years old and has always been a communist. It is her elder brother who works with the Soviet Union and the spatial conquest and in spreading the passion for politics. It is in the local department of the FIGC that Luciana has all fundamental experiences of her life. However, she is very impulsive and unbiased even for her political partners and she therefore finds herself confronted by prejudice from others. Her brother, who was the only person always beside her is now unwell for he is now down with epilepsy. Luciana now has to force herself from within and be guided by the admiration for the first woman cosmonaut Velentina Tereshkova, for going forward.

Ingresso Libero: per motivi di sicurezza si prega di esibire la propria carta d’identita.

  • Organizzato da: EPICENTRE, GURGAON
  • In collaborazione con: Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Nuova Delhi