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The Sculpture Park at Madhavendra Palace

The Italian Embassy Cultural Centre is proud to announce that the Italian designer Andrea Anastasio will be representing Italy in the international exhibition entitled “The Sculpture Park” at Madhavendra Palace (curated by Peter Nagy).


Abot the Artist:


Andrea Anastasio was born in Rome in 1961. After completing his studies in philosophy, he embarked upon a cultural path that led him to cooperate on projects entailing the cataloguing of Islamic architechture in India, research on innovation in traditional craftsmanship techniques, partnerships with architectural practices, publishers and museums. Fascinated by the study of the poetics of conceptual art and its potential convergences with industrial  design,  he designs furnitures and objects  for italian companies that play and leading role on the international scene. His research focuses on the manipualtion  of objects, consumer goods and domestic materials, to generate cross-contaminations of languages and meanings.


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