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SAIMIR (Saimir)

Cinema at the Institute – TRAVEL AND ADVENTURE

Director: Francesco Munzi. Cast: Mishel Manoku, Xhevdet Feri, Lavinia Guglielman, Anna Ferruzzo. Italy. 2004

The Albanian teenager Saimir has known only the harsh life of poverty and illegality. His father makes dangerous living transporting illegal immigrants from the beach to farms in the surrounding countryside. Yet, when even this fails to earn a subsistence living, the two are drawn into even more serious criminal human trafficking. A prostitution ring approaches Saimir’s father who accepts to transport girls from Eastern Europe into virtual slavery and Saimir is forced to help his father….. Refusing to accept the injustice of the corrupt life that has been forced upon him and other young victims, Saimir makes a courageous decision that will change their lives and future forever.

Ingresso Libero: per motivi di sicurezza si prega di esibire la propria carta d’identita.

  • Organizzato da: Istituto Italiano di Cultura, New Delhi
  • In collaborazione con: -