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NON HO SONNO (Sleepless)

Cinema at the Institute – Thriller

Director: Dario Argento. Cast: Max Von Sydow, Stefano Dionisi, Chiara Caselli, Gabriele Lavia. Italy. 2001

A prostitute discovers one of her customers has a taste for much rougher sex than she’s willing to give him; trying to sneak away from him, she accidentally walks off with one of his scrapbooks, from which she discovers her client apparently committed a series of unsolved murders almost 20 years earlier. The man tracks down the prostitute and murders her to ensure her silence; this awakens in him the desire to kill again, and soon he’s once again leaving a bloody swath across Italy. Ulisse Moretti, the police detective who investigated the earlier wave of killings, is brought out of retirement when clues link the new murders to those committed in the early ’80s, and the aging cop finds his sometimes foggy memory jolted back to recognition by the growing number of bloody victims. Meanwhile, Giacomo, who saw his mother being killed by the murderer as a boy, learns that the killer is back at work, and sets out to investigate the case on his own

Ingresso Libero: per motivi di sicurezza si prega di esibire la propria carta d’identita.

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