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Music Concert by Anatma at India Habitat Centre on 2nd February 2019

You are most welcome to a Music Concert by Anatma, an Indo-Italian Jazz Project on Saturday, 2nd February 2019 @7:30pm at Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre.

A confluence of free and spontaneous creative expressions, combining intricate musical elements of Indian classical and jazz music. Anatma, as the name suggests, is a selfless journey in the quest of satisfying notes and rhythms, its a reflection of sensible musical aesthetics set on the trails of freedom and union of musical minds of the artists, continuously searching for the common elements ranging from ragas to songs and improvised compositions without restricting the flow of music towards any particular. The music of Anatma is solely based on spot exchange of creativity within the artistes, each reflecting their very personal choice of expressions connoted from their diversified musical upbringings, knowledge and aesthetics, thereby creating a unified sound by respecting each others traditions and languages which often takes the listeners through a journey of trance and oneness.


  • Organizzato da: Italian Embassy Cultural Centre
  • In collaborazione con: India Habitat Centre