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IO NON HO PAURA (I am not scared)

Cinema at the Institute – TRAVEL AND ADVENTURE

Director: Gabriele Salvatores. Cast: Diego Abatantuono, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Dino Abbrescia, Giorgio Careccia. Italy. 2003

In the Southern Italy during the staggeringly hot summer of 1978, Cornfields cover the hills like an undulating sea of gold against the deep blue sky. At the centre of it all is a tiny community of five houses. While the adults shelter indoors from the blistering heat, six children venture out on their bicycles across the scorched deserted countryside. Hidden amongst the vast sea of corn nine-year-old Michele discovers a secret so momentous and so terrible that he dare not tell anyone about it. To confront it he must depend on the power of his imagination and the courage he does not yet know he has.

Ingresso Libero: per motivi di sicurezza si prega di esibire la propria carta d’identita.

  • Organizzato da: Istituto Italiano di Cultura, New Delhi
  • In collaborazione con: -