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EUROPEAN UNION FILM FESTIVAL – Screening of the movie ‘Drive Me Home’ directed by Simone Catania on Friday, 5th July 2019 at Instituto Cervantes

Italian Embassy Cultural Centre invites you all to the EUROPEAN UNION FILM FESTIVAL for the screening of the movie ‘Drive Me Home’ directed by Simone Catania on Friday, 5th July 2019 at Instituto Cervantes, 48 Hanuman Road, New Delhi- 110048.


Movie: Drive Me Home

Director: Simone Catania

Writer: Simone Catania, Fabio Natale

Genre: Drama, LGBT

Year: 2018

Subtitles: English

Cast: Nicola Adobati, Lou Castel, Marco D’Amore, Vinicio Marchioni, Chiara Muscato, Stephen Brian Tomasi, Jennifer Ulrich

Running Time: 94 Minutes

Summary: Antonio is 25-year-old boy who grew up in a small Sicilian village. Today he’s living in Bruxelles and life’s expenses begin to bear heavily on him. Having no one to gohome to, he decides to sell the property he inherited from his grandfather and cover his financial needs. When he receives an offer, he needs to return to the village to conclude the deal. Before going back to Sicily, however, he decides to meet and spend some time with Agostino, the childhood friend he hasn’t seen or heard from for nearly 10 years who he discovers to be a truck driver and homosexual living just close to him in Antwerp. On a truck ride back home across Europe, our two friends find themselves confronting on their new lives, on the reasons that divided them and on what their true origins are.

No registration or passes are required to attend the screenings and they are open to everyone 18 years and over.

For all other movie details, including the brochure and screening schedule, can be found on festival website:

or check at the top right corner of the website.






  • Organizzato da: Italian Embassy Cultural Centre
  • In collaborazione con: Instituto Cervantes