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La grande visione italiana foto

Exhibition “THE GREAT ITALIAN VISION. FARNESINA COLLECTION” will soon land in New Delhi. More than 70 Italian masterpieces of modern and contemporary art will be on display in New Delhi.

Location: Bikaner House, Center for Contemporary Art, New Delhi 
Date: May 27-June 22, 2023 
Opening: May 26 (by invitation only)

The Great Italian Vision. Farnesina Collection is the enthralling journey through the history of Italian art from the twentieth century to today, through more than seventy works selected by Achille Bonito Oliva from the Farnesina Collection, an extraordinary art collection of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Italy.

The exhibition aims to introduce Italian artistic identity to the public at large through works selected from the Farnesina Collection, in a thematic but not chronological arrangement. As one traverses the historical Avant-garde movements, themes that are of global interest are also highlighted. Visions that range from history to geography, from twentieth-century awareness to the drive towards modernity, from looking inwards to looking out, from environmental emergencies to migrations and new forms of poverty, and then to dialogue and encounter.

The Grand Italian Vision:
The Farnesina Collection


We invite you to the curated walk by Dr Mariachiara Mariani, in conjunction with THE GRAND ITALIAN VISION: THE FARNESINA COLLECTION.

The collection, featuring seventy masterpieces of modern and contemporary Italian art, will be on display at the Centre for Contemporary Art, Bikaner House, New Delhi.

Sign up for the curated walk (for free) & become a part of this unique experience.

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