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“Il Fil Armonico” by Agostino Cacciabue

We are pleased to invite you to the PUPPET SHOW “Il Fil’ Armonico” directed by Agostino Cacciabue in collaboration with Ishara International Puppet Theatre Festival.

“…Lights, music, a green cloth for the leaves of a tree. The chirping of a bird that flies on stage and that, for a few minutes, everyone, absolutely everyone, sees alive and real. Fragile magic of a second?
The much-needed to reclaim the often forgotten right to the imagination…”

The show is an anthology, a mosaic made up of moments in the puppeteer’s life that intertwine with the stories of his figures.

They are fragments of life. Minimal stories, a few minutes to tell emotions and passions.
Images as quick as a glance over an ajar door, beyond everyday views, in search of gestures and characters who still know how to surprise us.
There are no words, just music.
There are no secrets, because the animation is left visible.
The puppets of “Il fil’ armonico” dance, suffer, hope, laugh, with the same spirit that moves human beings. For them too, for the puppets that tread the stage, fate is always hanging by a thread.
But this time you can clearly see where it ends up.

The show will be displayed at the following venues:

13th February 2023: Italian Embassy Cultural Centre, Chanakyapuri New Delhi. Time: 17:00.

16th February 2023: Tagore Theatre, Chandigardh.

18th February 2023: Amphiteathre India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. Time 19:30. For registration please visit following website:

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