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Cinema at the Institute: Incontri in biblioteca: Retrospective Nino Manfredi 1921-2004

In Italian, with subtitles in English

Giacinto Rossi is held for simulation of crime. He is arrested and taken to jail in which the other three detainees are planning an escape attempt. Although Giacinto does not want to participate, since he must serve only a few months in jail, he is forced by fellow inmates to follow them. The escape succeeds and, after various vicissitudes, Giacinto and one of the three take refuge on a demolished ship. They hope to emigrate illegally, but they are in need of money.

For money, Giacinto reaches his wife but discovers that she lives with another man. This convinces Giacinto that the best thing to do is go back to prison. Moreover, by doing so, the man pockets an amount of two million that is set as a reward for anyone who catches him and his fellow jail inmates…

Director: Luigi Comencini
Cast: Nino Manfredi; Mario Adorf; Valeria Moriconi; Gian Maria Volonté

Ingresso Libero: per motivi di sicurezza si prega di esibire la propria carta d’identita.

  • Organizzato da: Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Nuova Delhi
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