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Concert – Anatma | “Music Beyond Borders”

anatma pèicture 2023_3

The IIC is excited to present the unique musical style of Anatma, a group that brings together the elements of modern Western music with those of traditional Indian music to create a unique sound.

This musical journey starts in 2015 when drummer Daniele Di Pentima travels to India and meets sitarist Rohan Dasgupta with which he forms and indissoluble friendship. They are joined two years later by Riccardo Di Fiandra (bass) and Luigi Di Chiappari (piano) and record their debut studio album Anatma in 2017 which was later followed by a tour in Italy and abroad.

The distinct style of Anatma comes from the improvisation technique utilised by the group which allows for each member to express themselves creatively and bring their own approach to the mix. Their collaboration demonstrates that art unites us all beyond borders.

Location: Italian Cultural Centre, Chanakyapuri
Date: Saturday, November 18th
Time: 6.00 pm

Entrance from 5.30pm and will be on a first come first served basis. Please bring a valid photo ID.