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ESSAYS – Fondazione Ugo Da Como – Competition announcement for the selection of candidates

Ugo da Como Foundation has launched the competition announcement for the assignement  of number 6 positions for German,English and French mother tongue translators, number 2 positions for each of the above-mentioned languages, for a monthly stay during July 2023 at Fondazione Ugo Da Como, which will put its facilities at the translators disposal: the library, the archives and will guarantee board and lodging to all the translators.

During the stay, meetings are scheduled with writers, journalists, university professors, translators, editors and publishing house managers as well as a specific one initiated in collaboration with the Goffredo and Maria Bellonci Foundation and with the Strega Prize.

The applications must be sent by email to Fondazione Ugo Da Como  by and no later than 30th April 2023 at 6 p.m.


For further information see the Competition Announcement


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