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“Estate all’Italiana Festival” (Summer Italian Style Festival)



“Estate all’Italiana Festival” (Summer Italian Style Festival)

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has launched the initiative “Estate all’Italiana Festival” (Summer Italian Style Festival) through which it is offering its branches around the world access to watch more than twenty live concerts happening at various summer music festivals in Italy.

The concerts can be enjoyed for free and streamed on demand for 48 hours.

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4th August, 9pm onwards(Italian Time)


San Carlo Theatre, Naples

“Concerto tra scrittura e trascrittura”(Concert between writing and transcribing) by Roberto De Simone

The master Roberto De Simone reflects on the current times and on the “cultural pandemic” that has drawn in the world of art.

Luigi Grima conductor of orchestra
from the works of Johann Sebastian Bach transcribed by Alessandro De Simone
from the works of Igor Stravinsky transcribed by Antonello Paliotti
from the works of Claude Debussy transcribed by Antonello Paliotti
from the works of Erik Satie transcribed by Antonello Paliotti
from the works of Frederic Chopin transcribed by Roberto De Simone

“Are we sure,” asks Maestro De Simone in the notes to the work, “that mass culture hasn’t already produced a sneaky, aggressive virus that for two generations has been attacking culture and art, thus emptying them of their human, historical, ethical, and aesthetic values?” Starting from this reflection the Maestro elaborates the need to recount the present time by ‘transcribing’ some works by Bach, Stravinsky, Debussy, Satie and Chopin, placing our participation in the “cultural pandemic” at the centre.

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6th August, 9:30pm onwards (Italian Time)

Tagliacozzo International Midsummer Festival

Pandemonium by Vinicio Capossela

Tagliacozzo, Cloister of San Francesco

Vinicio Capossela dedicates his cultured music project to the forms that love could easily embody according to the medieval bestiaries.

“Da Pan, tutto, e demonio, dunque tutto demonio, in opposizione a pan theos, tutto Dio.”
From Pan, everything, and demonio, hence everything demon, as opposed to pan theos, everything God.

A concertato for all demons, accompanied by a set of musical instruments which evoke the Pandemonium, a giant mythical instrument, similar to the fairground organ, entirely build out of metal, apparently by the subjects of King Laurin in the underground kingdom inhabited by people of short height who are skilled with mining. This chthonic origin would give a serious tone to the instrument, which keeps the spirit at a low altitude relegating rhythms and harmonies to an inferior, primitive dimension, which cannot rise to the sky, but seems to sink into the earth, close to a perpetual fire, in a stirring that is the work of memory continually enticed to white fire.

Pandemonium is also the name of the daily column, a sort of almanac of the day, kept by Capossela during the quarantine, which laid bare the songs and tales behind the stories of a seemingly permanent, but constantly changing, state of affairs.

Pandemonium is a narrative concert with songs stripped naked, chosen freely in a repertoire that celebrates this year thirty years from the date of publication of his first album All’una e trentacinque circa (“Around one and thirty-five”) (1990).

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7th August, 10pm onwards (Italian Time)

Armonie d’Arte Festival | New Mediterranean Routes

Venue: Scolacium Archeological Park, Borgia, Cosenza

Preview of the Festival

WEST TO EAST – new and old routes along land and middle seas

Ramin Bahrami piano
Francesco Colella narrator

conceived by Chiara Giordano
music programme curated by Ramin Bahrami
classic Greek and Persian texts, curated by Armando Vitale

Subtitles in English

in collaboration with Leggere e Scrivere Festival

World première
Produced by the Festival

The title conveys a profound sense of a musical and textual narration that represents a sort of journey/dialogue between two worlds, the European and the Middle Eastern, the foundation of the entire Western essence. The Greek world and the Italian

Magna Graecia, like the Persian world to which Ramin Bahrami belongs, along the routes of the Mediterranean Sea, carved out a geographical and cultural latitude that is fundamental and inescapable to this day. Investigating and linking the artistic, musical and literary codes of symbol and meaning, not the least for their prevalence in modern or contemporary repertoires, expresses the intention of Armonie d’Arte to produce a cultural reflection across the board that is consistent with the theme of the subtitle of the Festival and also poses a fascinating challenge for the artists as well as the public.

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8th August, 8:30pm (Italian Time)

Rossini Opera Festival | The Marriage Contract (“La cambiale di matrimonio”) by Gioacchino Rossini

Venue: Rossini Theatre, Pesaro

Opening: GIOVANNA D’ARCO – Solo cantata
Orchestra arrangement by Salvatore Sciarrino
Editing: Casa Ricordi
20 min

Famous single-act romantic farce with a happy ending by Gioacchino Rossini staged for the first time in 1810 when the composer was only eighteen years old.


08/08/2020 at 20:30 (Italian time)

Venue: Rossini Theatre, Pesaro

Symphony Orchestra by G. Rossini

Dmitry Korchak conductor

Laurence Dale director

Carlo Lepore – Dilyara Idrisova, Davide Giusti, Iurii Samoilov, Alexandr Utkin – Martiniana Antonie performers

The Rossini Opera Festival is an international opera festival devoted to Gioachino Rossini. The festival was instituted in 1980 by the town council of Pesaro with the intention of supporting and developing, through theatrical performances, the scientific work of the Rossini Foundation: this has given birth to a unique multi-disciplinary workshop of applied musicology, aiming at the revival of all of Rossini’s lesser-known works through musicological research, theatrical performance and publication.

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Data: Da Mar 4 Ago 2020 a Sab 8 Ago 2020

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