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Exhibition "Visions In The Making" by Myna Mukherjee and Davide Quadrio starts from 31st January 2020 at Italian Embassy Cultural Centre




The Exhibition "Visions In The Making" features six women artists from Italy and South Asia whose works provide a framework for a new modernity. The project was initially conceived in the curatorial interest of bringing three Italian women artists to New Delhi in order to research signs, forms and materials that have sustained over time in South Asian art practices, and which constitute fertile ground for furthering an expansion of their own individual practices through collaborations with local and regional artists, artisans and designers. During the process, its scope was expanded to include three South Asian women artists whose work focuses on the aesthetics, politics and pedagogic lineages and times in India. All six artists come together in the contact space of the exhibition to create works that defy standardization and commercialization, transpose information from one format to another, play with time and temporality, and wander in geography as well as history.

The project also comprises an alternate satellite site at the India Art Fair, an exhibition pavilion with a distinct emphasis on gender, equality and choice that expands the discourse of new genre public and performance art with hybrid and temporal displays of art, installations, works-in-progress and performances.

Artists: Amina Ahmed, Natascia Fenoglio, Stefania Galegati Shines, Marta Roberti Shilo Suleiman and Gopa Trivedi

Curators: Myna Mukherjee and Davide Quadrio

Project by: Arthub, Hong Kong and Engendered, New Delhi

The exhibition will be on display at the Italian Embassy Cultural Centre, New Delhi starting 31st January 2020. The Exhibition shall remain live until 28th February 2020.
Monday to Friday – 10am – 7pm.
Saturday & Sunday: 10am – 1pm.

Open and free to public. Kindly bring a Valid Photo ID to present at the security gates.


Data: Da Ven 31 Gen 2020 a Ven 28 Feb 2020

Orario: Dalle 10:00 alle 19:00

Organizzato da : Italian Embassy Cultural Centre

Ingresso : Libero