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Opening of the Exhibition "Gentili Eversive" curated by Giulia Birindelli on 1st November, 7pm at Italian Embassy Cultural Centre



Opening of the Exhibition

Italian Embassy Cultural Centre invites you all to the opening of the Exhibition "Gentili Eversive" curated by Giulia Birindelli on Friday, November1, 2019, 7pm at Italian Embassy Cultural centre.


Giulia Birindelli embroiders and carves canvas, transforming the extremely methodical and disciplined embroidery activity in order to mend and repair torn fabric, into colorful, original and full of meaning works of art. Elena Somaré whistles and performs all over the world, accompanied by great musicians. Her melodic, sweet and delicate whistle shows how wrong is the prejudice which describes whistling a shameful activity especially for women and how this art can reach instead high interpretative levels, as any other classical instrument.


Entry is free. Kindly bring a Valid Photo ID to present at the security gates.


Data: Ven 1 Nov 2019

Orario: Dalle 19:00 alle 21:00

Organizzato da : Italian Embassy Cultural Centre

Ingresso : Libero