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Book Launch - Viaggiando tra le fiabe (english: Traveling Between Fables)



Book Launch - Viaggiando tra le fiabe (english: Traveling Between Fables)

The Italian Embassy Cultural Centre, New Delhi has decided to explore a new meeting between Italy and India, offering a trip into the philosophy, the myths and the stories of the Indian subcontinent, using a simple and easy Italian.
With an Indian publishing house, a book of fairy tales has been designed, all hand illustrated.
Imagine a trip in the Indian subcontinent, a trip in the colours of Rajasthan, in the wool of Himalaya, in the spices of Karnataka and in the embroidered silk of Tibet.
There are no pictures, only sketches that resemble Indian miniatures. It looks like a fairy-tale book. The author, Paola Martani, has designed the book as a fairy tales book but if you go deep into it you will notice that it is a journey into the philosophy of India and Tibet, explained in a very simple way. The teacher Roberta Brodini and the Director of the Italian Embassy Cultural Centre, then, managed to rework it with a very pleasant and simple Italian, dividing the stories in different level of the language, to create a ‘short-story’ book for all the Indian students that are studying Italian.
It’s the first time a foreigner Cultural Centre creates, in its own language, a collection of Indian traditions: generally they celebrate their own country in India. The Italian Embassy Cultural Centre decided to celebrate India in Italian.
A project that wants to honour the beauties of India, to celebrate Italy in India, to admire these two countries that united create wonders


Data: Dom 16 Set 2018

Orario: Dalle 19:00 alle 21:00

Organizzato da : Italian Embassy Cultural Centre

Ingresso : Libero