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Photo Exhibition - Indo-Italian Crossover Art Show



Photo Exhibition - Indo-Italian Crossover Art Show

Indian Council for Cultural Relations and Italian Embassy Cultural Centre cordially invite you at the

Inauguration of Indo-Italian Crossover Art Show, Wednesday -  2nd May 2018 at 6:30pm at Italian Embassy Cultural Centre

and Art Show on View from 3rd May 2018 to 31st May 2018; 11:00AM - 6:00PM at Italian Embassy Cultural Centre

The Indo- Florentine collision: The Indian art scene has inadvertently been tinged with the aftermath of British imperialism. It has always been a give and take in terms of technique and style. Varma’s artistry is a clear example. To draw parallels between the works of two great artists brought to us from varying time periods is to generate a creative collision. Da Vinci and Varma were both risk takers in their own right. Da Vinci indisputably influenced the Renaissance epoch when it was in in its transformational phase. Ravi Varma gave our deities faces. His lithographic prints made their way into the homes of common folk, existing in their shrines to this very day. The Mona Lisa is an admirable composition of premeditated mystery. It set an ideal to be worked for, drawing inspiration from Renaissance impressions of the Virgin Mary - the icon of womanhood. Varma’s series of paintings brought to the average viewer, a representation of hidden beauty- often overlooked- with transcendent tones and rightly placed subjects. Can two different realms exist on the same plane? The answer is yes. This is artist A.P.Shreethar’s vision.


Data: Da Gio 3 Mag 2018 a Gio 31 Mag 2018

Orario: Dalle 11:00 alle 18:00

Organizzato da : Indian Council for Cultural Relations

In collaborazione con : Italian Embassy Cultural Centre

Ingresso : Libero