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Codici Exhibition (Integration of Music to Plastic Form)



Codici Exhibition (Integration of Music to Plastic Form)

Three art works, ‘Codici’, ‘Codici a Tratti’, ‘Fonte’ constitute the exhibition Titled “Codici” created by Licia Galizia and Michelangelo Lupone in the ambit of 70 years of diplomatic relations between Italy and India.

The innovative conception of these artworks is based on complete integration of music to plastic form by carrying sound to scenic space. Time, privileged dominion of music, and Space, privileged dominion of plastic form, converge till they meet in a new experience, both musical and visual. These sculptural music art works react when they are touched. Each time the exhibit is touched, the form and shape change, provoking computer generated sounds, that will be in tune with the new shape and form.


Data: Gio 15 Mar 2018

Orario: Alle 18:00

Organizzato da : National Gallery of Modern Art

Ingresso : Libero