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Insegnare Italiano


Insegnare Italiano
For all those who aspire to teach Italian in India we provide the following information:

Teaching Italian as part of a Lectureship at Indian Universities

As a result of the strategic nature of its support of Italian at university level, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs assumes the financial responsibilities of sending Visiting lecturers, who are selected from secondary school staff, to International universities.

In the execution of their specific duties, the visiting lecturers often collaborate with the Italian Cultural Institute present in the area, thus becoming a “cultural agent” in the broad sense of the term. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs distributes funds to foreign universities in support of teaching of Italian language and, in particular, for the employment of local lecturers. As a result, universities in Eastern European, Central American, and African countries, which have not previously had permanent lecturers, have benefited.

For further information consult the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at these pages:
Italian Schools Abroad
Private Initiatives

Teach Italian at the Italian Cultural Institute, New Delhi

The Italian Cultural Institute in New Delhi organizes and runs Italian language courses. All those wishing to teach at the Institute must be professionally qualified and must already possess a permanent or temporary visa for residing in India.
The e-mail address to which Curricula Vitae and cover letters may be sent is:

Italian Schools abroad

Currently, there are no Italian schools in India.
Consult a list of public and private scholastic and tertiary institutions in India where Italian is taught.