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Cooperazione Culturale


Cooperazione Culturale
Cultural cooperation
The cultural co-operation between Italy and India is based on the following agreements:

The Agreement on Cultural Co-operation signed in New Delhi on 15th February 2007 and ratified by both parties and the relevant Executive Programme for the years 2007/2009.
The activities listed in the Programme are: exchanges of professors, experts in the tuition system and researchers; exchange of lecturers of Italian and Hindi language; financial support for teaching of Italian Language in Jawaharlal Nehru University, Jadavpur University, Kolkata and Universities at Goa, Banaras, Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin and Shantiniketan; cooperation between universities and higher education institutions; granting of scholarships; participation in cinema festivals and exchange of artists and exhibitions; co-operation and exchanges between archives administrations, libraries and academies; translation and publishing of major literature, scientific or artistic works; enhanced co-operation in the fields of archaeology, museums and restoration of the cultural heritage and fight against the illicit trade in cultural objects; exchange of books, publications and periodicals between Libraries, Academies and Cultural Institutions in the two countries; promotion of the cooperation in the field of co-production, distribution and film marketing; exchanges in the media sector.
Scientific cooperation

The official starting of cooperation between Italy and India in the field of Science and Technology dates back to 1978, when the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Indian Ministry of Science and Technology, with the advice of the relevant Research Boards, Universities and Industries, signed an Agreement on Scientific and Technological cooperation. 

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