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The 90 Italian Cultural Institutes functioning at present in major cities across five continents are an ideal place for promoting dialogue and meetings amongst intellectuals, artists and other personalities in the field of culture and serve as a base for all those, Italians as well as foreigners, who want to establish and maintain contacts with the culture of our Country.

Not just showcasing Italy, the Italian Cultural Institutes are a source of updated information about the “Country System” and the main motivating force behind cultural cooperation and initiatives, making them an essential point of reference for Italian communities abroad and for meeting the growing demand for all things Italian the world over.

Integrally linked with the Embassies and the Consulates, the Italian Cultural Institutes aim to find the most appropriate means to promote the image of Italy as the hub of production, conservation and diffusion of culture from the classic to the contemporary. Besides organizing cultural events in different fields (art, music, cinema, theatre, dance, fashion, design, photography) the Italian Cultural Institutes also: 
    • offer the opportunity to get acquainted with the Italian language and culture, by organizing language courses, running library services and providing didactic and published material, 
    • establish contacts and create the necessary milieu to facilitate the integration of Italian artistes in the processes of cultural exchange and production at the international level, 
    • give information and logistic support to all, Italian or foreigners, involved in the promotion of culture either at private or at public level, 
    • encourage initiatives that help to develop intercultural relationships founded on the principles of democracy and international solidarity.

Italian Cultural Institutes around the world