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Le Borse Istituto


Le Borse Istituto
The Italian Cultural Centre in New Delhi handles the following categories of scholarships:

Italian Government Scholarships for Indian citizens

Every year, the Italian Government offers Indian citizens the chance to study Italian language or to pursue an avenue of postgraduate research and/or higher studies in Italy. This is done by allocating a number of study grants, known as 'mensilità di studio'.
A Joint Selection Committee conducts interviews and awards the scholarships. 
Information regarding eligibility,selection rules and procedures, application pro-forma, duration of the courses and health regulations for scholarships holders is available on the page: Opportunities/Scholarships/ for Indian nationals.
Non Government Scholarships

Scholarships offered by Universities for foreigners in Italy
Scholarships offered to the Centre by Italian Universities for foreigners that offer language and culture courses:

University for Foreigners in Perugia

Scholarships offered: 2
Length of course: three months and two months
Type of course: Ordinary Italian Language and Culture courses in four levels
Period of study: July-September, with an average of 22 hours lessons each week 
Selection: from the meritorious students of B2 Autumn Session
Amount of Scholarship: 650€
Discount applied: 50 %
Course fee: 150€ (after discount)
Insurance cost: 38,73€ approx.

University for Foreigners in Siena

Scholarships offered: 2 (Type C)
Length of course: 1 month
Type of course: Intensive Italian Language and Culture course
Period of study: August
Selection: Offered to students of Universities in India (cap. 2619) on rotation basis
Details of scholarship: includes cost of course + cost of accomodation

Scholarships offered by the University for Foreigners in Siena are assigned to University students pursuing studies of Italian language and culture;
Scholarships offered by University for Foreigners in Perugia are assigned, to the meritorious students of B2, who have regularly attended all the levels of the Italian language courses of the Centre.

Scholarships offered by Italian Institutions and Academies
Each year a multitude of short term scholarships for Indian students wishing to study Italian Language and Culture in Italy are offered by various Italian educational institutions.
Mainly awarded for further studies in Italian language, these scholarships range in duration from 2 to 4 weeks, and may entitle the student to a variable percentage discount as well as other benefits (dependent upon the hosting institution).
Most of such scholarships cover only the cost of the course (travel expenses, expenses on boarding and lodging in Italy are borne by the student).
Information on the above type of scholarships and concessions for courses on Italian Language and Culture in Italy can be found at the Centre's Library.
As this Centre is not involved in the selection of the candidates it does not undertakes to ensure the quality and reliability of the Institutions and the courses offered in Italy, those who wish to join such courses will have to get in touch with the Institutions directly.