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Summer Intensive


Summer Intensive


Summer Intensive Courses are meant for students who want to live a short but intense language and cultural experience.

With 5 meetings a week, for 4 hours everyday, they help the students to be in touch with the language, to absorb better and faster vocabulary and communication skills.

Connection between people with whom you spend most of your daily time gets stronger and this helps not only to learn a language, but to use the language in order to create new bonds and original relations, based on shared experiences, ideas, dreams and plans.

If you want to learn fast a new language, making friends surrounded by an Italian atmosphere, go for our Intensive Summer Courses!

Schedule: from Monday to Friday

INR 18,000 for Level A1 or A2 (From June 10th until July 12th)
INR 23,000 for Level B1 or B2 (From June 10th until July 19th)

Special discounted fees are offered to students enrolled in 2018:

- for LEVEL A1 and A2: Rs. 17,000/-

- for LEVEL B1 and B2: Rs. 21,000/-