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New Courses


New Courses


Summer Italian Conversation classes are meant for students who have already studied Italian language, having reached at least LEVEL A1.

In these classes, the students will have the opportunity to work and focus their attention on communication with other learners, with the help of a native speaker.

With 2 meetings a week, 2 hours each, this program lets the students remain in touch with the language, improving the communication skills and getting familiar with common phrases and manners of speaking.

Working in a group it’s a motivation for overcoming shyness, insecurities related to the use and application of a new and foreigner language.

If you want to improve your language knowledge making friends surrounded by an Italian atmosphere, go for our Italian Conversation Summer Courses!

Schedule: Two meetings a week.

INR 5,500 for Level A1 or A2 - 20 hrs- (From June 11th until July 11th)
INR 7,500 for Level B1 or B2 - 26 hrs - (From June 11th until July 23th)