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Courses' Structure


Courses' Structure

The codes which describe the courses below contain links which allow you to obtain all the requisite information on each of the modules.

Course DurationCourse code
A1    96 hours  A1.1 - A1.2
A2    96 hours  A2.1 - A2.2
B1    144 hours  B1.1 - B1.2 - B1.3 
B2    144 hours  B2.1 - B2.2 - B2.3 
C1    144 hours  C1.1 - C1.2 - C1.3
C2    144 hours  C2.1 - C2.2 - C2.3
Private Tuition      
Translation II      
Literary translation      
Literary translation II      

The 48 hours, 8 weeks courses start in January, March, May, August and October

Classes' composition

The classes consist of 10 a minimum of students and a maximum of 18


Festival Calendar:

01/01/2019 New Year's Day (Tuesday)
26/01/2019 Indian Republic Day (Saturday)
21/03/2019 Holi (Thursday)
19/04/2019 Good Friday (Friday)
01/05/2019 Labour’s Day (Wednesday)
02/06/2019 Italian Republic Day (Sunday)
15/08/2019 Assumption Day (Thursday)
02/10/2019 Gandhi Jayanti (wednesday)
27/10/2019 Diwali (Sunday)
25/12/2019 Christmas Day (Wednesday)
26/12/2019 Saint Stephen’s Day (Thursday)