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Virtual Tour of Florence (The Flourishing City) by Caterina Brazzi Castracane



Virtual Tour of Florence (The Flourishing City) by Caterina Brazzi Castracane

Florence, the city known as the birthplace of the Renaissance, started out as a Roman colony. It remained a secondary centre for many centuries until it started flourishing in the Middle Ages when it gained autonomy as a city-state, and then really blossomed in all its glory under the aegis of the Medici family. The home of some of the greatest Italian artists and of the Italian language thanks to Dante Alighieri, who in the late Middle Ages wrote the masterpiece of Italian literature “The Divine Comedy”. We will travel through this great city’s history up to the 17th century.

The Italian Embassy Cultural Centre continues its collaboration with Bell’Italia 88 to bring to the Indian public many of our country’s attractions. Starting today, and over the next 6 months, you will be able to virtually tour 6 important cultural cities of Italy. One city will be the focus each month, with a walking tour illuminating its most important monuments, followed by a talk including a visit to a museum or a historical building.

We shall begin with Rome, the capital city, moving on to Sicily in August for a visit to the marvelous Palermo, with its memories of Arab domination and the subsequent enlightened reign of the Swabians. After which there will be Florence, Naples, Venice and Milan in the months to follow.

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Date: Da Friday, October 16, 2020 a Friday, October 30, 2020

Entrance : Free